My purpose here


So a couple of days ago my husband asked me “what is the purpose of my blog?” and I kind of had a hard time answering him so he challenged me to write a post about it. So here I am writing.

What is my purpose? Why do I write? Where do I want to take this?

My purpose has shifted a bit since first starting the blog. Originally I wrote to keep in touch with family while teaching abroad but once I came back to the States I kinda just stopped writing. Now it has been about a year since I have picked up the blog again and I have a new vigor and love for it. However I am a different person now.

I still love writing about my travels, but as a teacher and a lover of culture, I cannot be satisfied with writing posts like other travel blogs that mearly list “10 best things” you have to do in whatever city, that’s not enough for me. I want to constantly learn about the rituals, traditions, and cultures around me. I want to teach others about the fantastic experiences I’ve had and show others how they can also live life to the fullest. I want to showcase what I do in my classroom and how I tie it into my travels and research. I want to help travelers know why that thing they “have” to see is famous. I want to move beyond the check list every traveler has and develop a full understanding.

So am I a travel blogger? An art history blogger? A culture blogger? I dunno, I guess you can call me a journey blogger. 🙂

Well, that’s kind of a longer answer than I think my husband was expecting but I think that’s my purpose. I want to bring my own voice to the culture of our planet; hopefully it is a voice worth listening to (or reading I guess since this is a blog).

Thanks for being with me on my journey so far!




3 thoughts on “My purpose here

  1. Hi …. I am teaching APAH and a plethora of other art history classes … would love to collaborate. I have personally seen over 150 of the original 250 in our APAH new list …. don’t mind sharing I was just in Chicago over the holiday …. quite a few there. I spend my summer’s in Europe …. maybe we can chat? Nanci


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