Train, Train, Train…


Trains are obviously the best way to get around in Europe and we certainly exploit it every Euro Trip. While in Germany this past Christmas we only rented a car for 2 days while in the Black Forest; the rest were trains, buses, and trams.

Personally I love traveling by train because I can sleep, eats, relax, read, and use the bathroom all while getting to my destination! I wish trains in America were more frequent, cheaper, and cleaner. But I think we’re too stubborn and love our independence while traveling for that!

I’ve been in trains in a few European countries now: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and even a UNESCO Train trip, and had all fantastic experiences.

Happy travels! 


P.S. OMG!!! A few hours after I wrote this post we literally had the WORST train experience EVER. We got double booked on our overnight sleeper train from Munich to Berlin, midnight to 6am, and it was an hour of arguing with the attendance to find any kind of solution. I think I jinxed it!

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