Aachen: Thermal Baths

Thank goodness we went to the thermal baths on day 2 (see what we did day 1 in Aachen HERE). We really could use it for our jet lag and airplane muscle aches. We had a fabulous 2 hours in the baths trying out nearly everything (I skipped the “polar plunge” pool but Will went in!).


There were indoor pools of various temperatures, jet and waterfalls that felt like personal massages. The were even pools connected to the outdoors, that was pretty fun to swim to the pool outside but be in warm water the whole time.

The most…um… interesting thing was the sauna section. You HAD to take off your bathing suit to go into that part. But beyond it was a wonderland of exotic options and naked people. My parents and I ventured in but kept our towels tied. There was a Moroccan-looking pool, gorgeous ponds set in an idyllic mossy landscape and more sauna options than I knew what to do with! I just definitely realized that hanging out with a bunch of naked people totally isn’t my thing but I’m glad I went back there for the experience!

So I don’t have any personal photos from the inside (that’s a totally no-no), but here’s some from my experience AND the Carolus Thermen website.


P.S. This place was not expensive at all, its 12€ for 2.5 hours without “Sauna World” & 26€ for the full Monty experience 🙂

P.P.S. Here is my Aachen overview if you are interested!

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