Aachen: The city of thermal baths, the Dom, & Charlemagne

We got into Germany on December 23rd in the morning to Düsseldorf and then made our way straight to Aachen (about a 1.5 hour train ride). Will and I promptly took a nap on the train. 🙂

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Our first afternoon was spent walking around the Christmas Markets, Town Hall and the Dom (Cathedral). I’ve studied the Aachen Cathedral in college (a UNESCO Site by the way) and it was far more beautiful than I could ever anticipate!


After we checked in to our HUGE AirBnb we took a hike up to the highest point in Aachen through a peaceful wooded walk. My dad took a(nother) glorious nap. 🙂



Our second day in Aachen, we went to the Carolus Thermen, the hot springs, and OMG it was the perfect activity to cure achy muscles and jet let. We then made it back to our fabulous AirBnb for a Noche Buena meal as Cuban as we could make it in Germany.


Christmas was relaxing, with mass at the Aachen Dom, enjoying the weather, and relaxing in the house.

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P.S. If you don’t have a reason to spend so long in Aachen, like we did, it’s a great day trip from Cologne.

P.P.S. Read about what it’s like to go to Mass in the Aachen Cathedral.



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