Happy Thanksgiving!

So even though we are far from our nuclear families in Florida, Will and I have the wonderful luxury of spending this year’s Thanksgiving in the Cape with his mom’s side of the family and his wonderful sister, Courtney (and, yes, Courtney I do mean that!)

Things I am thankful for this year:

  1. My loving, (mostly) patient, incredibly handsome and intelligent husband
  2. A job which I LOVE
  3. A country that continues to strive to be better
  4. Incredibly strong family ties
  5. Extremely good health (watch, I just jinxed myself or something)
  6. A welcoming church community
  7. Friends to talk to and have wine with
  8. My students who truly love learning
  9. Opportunities to travel
  10. Enough money to continuously buy books (yes, this is important!)

If I keep going we’d be here all day! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, especially my sister in Germany who cannot celebrate with us today.


Enjoy some pictures of Thanksgivings-past below:

P.S. The cover image is Still Life with Turkey Pie, Peter Claesz, 1627, oil on panel from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (I had to insert a little art history, its like a sickness)

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