Content Area 2: Ancient Mediterranean

#2 Ancient Mediterranean

Gosh I am so glad to get out of Content Area #1: Global Prehistory! Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy teaching Prehistory to my students because I like the “sticker shock” of the ages of some of these pieces; it really changes their perspective of “cavemen.”

Ah but I do love leaving the unknowns of prehistory and moving into “history” where we finally have written information about the artist’s intentions, patron’s goals, religious function, etc.

How I Teach This Section

AP Art History

I split up Content Area #2: Ancient Mediterranean into two different units:

  • The Ancient World (Ancient Near East & Ancient Egypt)
  • The Classical World (Ancient Greece, Etruscans, & Ancient Rome)

I cover these units directly after Global Prehistory and they usually take me a little more than a month to get through. In Quarter 1, I cover Global Prehistory, Ancient Mediterranean, and I finish up with a unit on World Religions that pulls from multiple content ares.


I go much, much slower in Humanities and the Ancient Mediterranean takes me about 2 Quarters to cover (so nice!), but I seem to always want more time!

Quarter 1:

  • Ancient Near East (about 2 weeks)
  • Ancient Egypt (about 2 weeks)
  • Comparing the Ancient World (1 week)

Quarter 2:

  • Ancient Greece (about 3 weeks)
  • Ancient Rome (about 3 weeks)
  • Comparing the Classical World (about 1 week)

There is so much to cover in this Content Area, it is easy to get lost in the fun, but always keep in mind your objective and focus on that, even though you may have to leave out the million art pieces you love!

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