Colombian Cuisine

Colombia is arguably most famous for two foods in the US: coffee and arepas. Although I did not find either one of those delicious, Will and I found lots of other yummy things in Colombia to eat!

Street food is always the best! I can’t tell you what exactly was in this but it was mmm mmm good!
Warm bread is always delicious, fill it with cheese and you’ve got a winner!
This creepy little fruit is called a Granadilla-they quickly became Will’s obsession.

So Colombia has this fabulous little thing called a corriente, essentially the meal of the day. We quickly learned they don’t vary much. A corriente always starts with freshly squeezed fruit juice and soup, then it is followed by the main course (salad, potatoes AND rice, and some kind of meat), lastly the dessert is some yummy, ripe piece of fruit.



So a word about McDonalds: Will and I try to go to a McDonalds whenever we travel. We don’t EVER eat fast food, but McDonald’s is an interesting way to see how food changes around the world especially because we can easily compare it to home. The photo below is a McDonalds in Bogota and interestingly enough is was not exactly the “fast food experience” we were expecting. The meals were actually more expensive than most corrientes we ate and my friend Beka told us that families go to McDonald’s for a nice celebratory night out.

Will’s favorite thing about Colombian McDonald’s was the expansive condiments bar available, he was quite excited about that. πŸ™‚




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