Well hello again…

Sooooo I feel like I broke up with blogging via text and just never responded back, sorry about that. I fully intended to pick up the blog before this but…life happened. 😦

I am for real back now. Why did I decide to come back? Well I am going into my third year teaching and I no longer feel like I am drowning in work, summer started yesterday, I’m getting married in 2 weeks, and I miss writing about arts & culture travel; put all those reasons together and here I am!

What’s changed:

  • I’m going to be signing off JMF (for my new last name) instead of JMO (no one else cares about his but me)
  • I am no longer off in Italy teaching; I’m back in the states and that’s going to change my perspective
  • This blog will be about travel but I am NOT a travel blogger, repeat: no one pays me to review cool hotels and I will probably not give you any packing/travel tips
  • This blog will be about travel in the sense that it is about global arts and culture

What’s the same:

  • ME, that’s a bonus
  • I will still have my dear family and friends guest writing, especially my jet-setting sister in Germany
  • I am still traveling the world and I will write about it
  • I still love art!

JMO…soon to be JMF (not married JUST yet!)


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