Ready, Set, Plan!

So being a teacher means that some times I get these rare mid-week days off. Today is one of them thanks to Rosh Hashanah.

So far I have spent the day cleaning and catching up on grading BUT there is something big on my to do list I want to share: planning for Colombia!

Will and I will be packing our bags for spring break to visit one of our bestest friends who is there for a year on a Fulbright. I have not really started any planning yet because I’ve been so busy, but I purchased a travel book and have been looking into flights. Will has actually been studying Spanish a few times a week and I need to jump on that bandwagon!

As I find cool things I want to do and get a move on my planning I will be sharing. Can’t wait to get back to traveling!


P.S. It took me FOREVER to find things on the internet for Colombia because I kept typing in Columbia and was only getting information about Canada…thankfully I came to realize my mistake.


3 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Plan!

  1. Hey there! I just found your blog on FAUs website about teaching English in Italy. I was wondering if you could contact me via email so I could ask you about the expirience. I’m graduating in December and am thinking about applying for the 4 month semester in August 2015. I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Brittany


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