Little Sister’s Adventures Continued

Alrighty, so my sister’s trip is winding down and she’ll be home at the end of the month so I’ve ask her for a second half of her trip post. She has done a lot, so again this will be broken up into a few different ones. Stay tuned!

P.S. I think I need a better title for her stuff than “little sister…”

After the Amsterdam weekend there were a couple weekends that I relaxed a bit and made smaller trips to recuperate. One was a kayak trip to Rursee with the group of students that I am in Aachen with doing research. Despite the rainy weather, it was a great day. We had wet suits which made us look like Power Rangers, but that kept us really warm and relatively dry. That same weekend I got to see some relics, including Jesus’ swaddling cloth and Mary’s robe, that were on display at the Aachen Dom. It’s a huge pilgrimage site because the items only go on display every seven years so I guess I timed my visit to Aachen pretty well.

That same day I completed my list of things to do in Aachen with finally trying the Printen. Printen is a gingerbread tasting cookie that is officially only allowed to be made in Aachen. I didn’t think I’d like it but now I randomly find myself craving it. It does taste like gingerbread, but with piece of candied ginger in it I think, it’s softer than normal gingerbread and dipped in different chocolates. I brought a pack to take home and I find myself resisting it pretty often. The next weekend I headed just an hour away to Monschau. It’s a beautiful little town but quite frankly not a whole lot to do. I spent a lot of time walking around the Altstadt, the old city. Then I saw the castle there and some tower ruins. It was just a very typical old town with the leaning houses and narrow streets.

Panorama of the Altstadt and the Castle of Monschau
Panorama of the Altstadt & the Castle of Monschau


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