Christmas in Italy: Milan

My boyfriend and I are pretty type A, so of course I had a detailed (but flexible) schedule done and an extensive budget sheet. I know not everyone is like us, but I do suggest some kind of research ahead of any trip, just so you can see if there is any thing you are really dying to see and to get a feel for how much money you are throwing down. Overall, the two-week trip (minus flights) cost just over $2,000 between the two of us. We didn’t stay in any really dumpy hostels, we ate really well (most of the time), and we saw lots of stuff. I am pretty please.

Since we did SO much, I’m going to break it down by city and have pictures accompanying it:

Saturday, 12/21 Novara

Will arrives! Free time for lunch, walking around Novara, and a multi-course, pre-Christmas dinner at my neighbor’s house.


Sunday, 12/22 Milan

Morning: train into Milan (8:01-8:41 am, and no I did not make up those train times); check into Hotel Monopole; Duomo; La Scala Tour; Palazzo Reale for the exhibit Pollock and the Irascibles

He is so excited for his first train ride
The excitement didn’t last long…

Afternoon: lunch that Maria packed for us (pizza and stuffed olives!); Santa Maria delle Grazie for The Last Supper (we had an appointment at 1:00 pm; a UNESCO Site); Sforza Castle & Gardens


Evening: a not so yummy dinner out; then the San Siro AC Milan vs Inter Milan soccer game



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