Happy Post-Thanksgiving & Traveling While Abroad

This was the first (and hopefully the last year) I did not celebrate Thanksgiving. The same foods do not exactly exist here or are too difficult to get. And I did a terrible job of explaining Thanksgiving because everyone thought the food sounded disgusting. I obviously dropped the ball on that one! Oops America!

this is from many Thanksgivings ago

Being abroad is already exhausting because everything is a little more work than it is back home and when you add travel to it, oh boy! Here’s what my apartment looked like the day after I came back from Switzerland.I hate packing and repacking!

how did I fit all of this in my suitcase!?

Well it’s all back to normal but tomorrow I am heading off to the Eternal City: Rome. My grandmother and uncle are coming into Rome on Saturday to leave for a cruise Sunday afternoon so I’m making the trip and spending a few days to wander myself. Get ready for a whole lot of art and history coming up!


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