My Italian Fashion

I know most of you can care less about what I wear while I’m here but let me tell you it takes up a good portion of my time in the morning. So I thought I’d share a few of my innovative or favorites.

I wear a lot of black period but now I can wear more layers in black! Horary!


This scarf, called by my boyfriend “a blanket,” was handmade for me by my neighbor Maria. It is instant sunshine and warmth in often-dreary weather.

1422340_10151890379198541_1899544372_nI call this “neck brace” fashion, and it’s all rage. It really restricts your head and neck movement but it keeps you warm. I see lots of people here with serious puffy jackets with hoods (and sometimes fur) and then scarves tied around it and tight on their neck and tucked in. I tried it once and then I almost suffocated.

Overall, enjoying trying to be creative with a limited closet and cold weather!


P.S. I’ve pretty much stopped wearing “real pants,” leggings all the way!


3 thoughts on “My Italian Fashion

  1. I absolutely love that black and white sweater/poncho/whatever! It’s cute. Thank you for sharing your innovative clothing options…maybe I should do a post about fashion in the mountains but mine would not be nearly as cute as yours haha. Your post also reminded me that it is winter somewhere…but that’s nowhere to be seen or felt in DR. I am still in shorts and t-shirts.


    1. aw thanks! Yeah it was a risk buying that sweater because it could have been super ugly but it worked out! Thank you for reminding me it’s hot in some places! Hope your loving your experience.


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