On the Road Again


Why am I going you ask? Well, I have a friend, Leonore, who lives in La Chaux-de-Fonds (a UNESCO Site by-the-way, it’s like I planned it!). She came to intern at the Orlando Museum of Art 2 years ago while I was an intern there and we stayed in touch. When I knew I was coming to Italy we talked about me coming to visit. So I am!

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So, I just realized I think I’ve been accidentally telling people I’m going to Sweden not Switzerland. The words are super similar: Sweden = Svezia and Switzerland = Svizzera. Oops!

This day of train travel was brought to you by:



Novara – Milan 10:03 to 10:45 (snack time in Milan at my favorite stop!)



Milan – Bern 11:25 to 14:23 (lunch part II)




Bern – Neuchatel 14:53 to 15:27 (here is where Leonore will pick me up and off we go!)


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