Genova: The city of the sea, mountains, & Christopher Columbus

At first arriving to Novara I was told by the school administration of Liceo Bellini to go on vacation, so I did! Maddy, Maria, and I went to the Liguria for 5 days. What an adventure! We were in a little town called Cogoleto in a country house on the mountainside. A dream right? Yes, it was.

The first full day we had here we went into Genova. I was super happy because I got to cross off a UNESCO World Heritage Site my first week in Italy! Genoa’s historic center, specifically La Strada Nuova and the 42 Palazzi dei Rolli, are the UNESCO site. The palaces were beautiful and gloriously fancy. We also saw the “house” of Christopher Columbus. I put that in quotes because we passed a few of these said “houses” of Christopher Columbus. 🙂


The next few days were filled with a fantastic mix of beach and mountains – we spent the mornings at the beach lounging and walking around and then the afternoons hiking the mountains with the dogs. I didn’t go into the water because (to a Floridian wimp) it was freezing. Liguria such a fantastic and unique landscape! I would really love to explore this part of Italy more.


On one of our hikes we passed by a mountain monastery and old stone houses romantically covered in vines, ate wild figs and blackberries! I felt like I was in a movie.



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