Packing. And Repacking.

WARNING: This is not a post about packing tips, tricks, or magic because although I have done exhaustive research on the subject I seem to miss the boat every time. The photos below are what I was originally taking in my luggage (1 check & 1 carry-on) and my purse, I say originally because when I went to go weigh my luggage at my friendly-neighborhood Publix, I was way over. A total of 22 pounds over, that is more than my carry-on is allowed to be! Needless to say I needed to cut back.

I don’t think anyone is interested in a long a boring list of what I took, so I won’t bother. If you are interested, ask, I have a spreadsheet with items, colors, and quantities 🙂

After repacking while watching a Doris Day movie (Do Not Disturb) and a second trip to Publix I am happy to say I am just a little overweight on my carry-on but I’m leaving it as is – 17 lbs is too light anyways. Keeping my fingers crossed for the airport!



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