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How to get the full Hofbräuhaus Experience 

How to get the full Hofbräuhaus Experience 

So although Oktoberfest comes but once a year, you can get the mini experience at Hofbräuhous, Munich’s iconic beer house and garden. Lots of people just walk through but you really have to eat dinner there if you want to full experience!

Scouting out a table is key!

The five of us all spread out in the massive restaurant but still within eye view of each other and stalked people as they were finishing their meals. If you are not aggressive, you’ll never get a table. Trust me! And the moment you want to give up, don’t; it’s worth it!


Just go for the liter!

Now, I am not one to encourage excess but you have got to just order that liter of beer here.  Oh and while you are at it, get that bratwurst and pretzel. Personally, I got a radler (light beer mixed with sprite) to help it go down. Hey, when in Rome…

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Ready, Set, Order!

When your waiter comes up to your table be ready for your order, all of it. They put in one order and then you get the check, this place is honestly too crazy for open checks. So order it all at once and you’ll pay before your food arrives. Your pretzels however, are sold by the piece by girls walking around with baskets. Get two pretzels, I promise, it’s worth it.


Swim in the Craziness!

This was such an overwhelming experience: the people, the music, the food, the gigantic restaurant…I could go on. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment a bit and float in the crazy. You may not get an experience like this again so don’t rush it, besides drinking that liter beer will take you a while.

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Oh and these are beer stein lockers here for regulars; some of them even wear fabulous lederhosen!



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