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Enjoying the Great Outdoors while in NYC

Enjoying the Great Outdoors while in NYC

When people think of New York City they don’t tend to think about parks and gardens galore. Most people know Central Park but there a lot of other green spaces in the city. I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite spots while visiting this past summer.
This has got to be one of the most unusual “parks” I have ever been to! The High Line is a “new” green space that opened in 2014 as a converted freight train line from the 1930s. It has a wonderful perch on top of the city with blooming flowers, benches, and great people watching from above!
Riverside Park
This is a narrow but long park along the Hudson River that runs along the Upper West Side. It was only a few blocks from my lodgings at the Union Theological Seminary so I went on a couple of runs there or afternoon strolls with friends. Great alternative to walking down the hot city streets in summer.
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
I love botanical gardens because they are a metropolitan microcosm bursting with life and color! You can visit any time of year because the landscape changes with the seasons and there is always something gorgeous to see! I visited with a few friends from our Religious Worlds of New York summer program before heading out to our program director’s house for a BBQ.
Central Park
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Ok so Central Park is no secret, anyone who has ever watched any movie taking place in NYC knows what it is but there are some great gems in this park if you spent some time exploring.
Did you know that the park is 843 acres big!?? And it has all different kinds of environments within it: woodlands, green lawns, lakes, and meandering pathways.
There are nearly 200 different species of birds that call Central Park home throughout the year, many as part of their annual migration. Fall and Spring are the best times to see migratory birds as they fly north or south, but you can sit on a bench any day of the year and catch sight of something wonderful. I’ve had the pleasure to explore Central Park in the fall and springtime. Both are two very different places with colors dramatically changing the landscape. It’s gorgeous anytime of year for a stroll, run, or fun game on the lawn!

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