Religious Worlds of New York Site Visits

Through my amazing summer program, I got to go on a few great site visits to experience different houses of worship and participate in some beautiful events. The sites may fluctuate a bit year to year (if you are planning on attending in the future) but this is the general idea: Bronx Lourdes Grotto The [...]


Student Series! Women and Islam

Women all over the world have been insulted, humiliated, and degraded all throughout history. We have overcome countless amounts of hardships over time. Women from all different religions, cultures, and continents have fought and earned their place in the world today. Still, gender inequality still survives within many communities around the world. And gender inequalities [...]

2017-2018 School Year

Tomorrow is the first day back at school for the 2017-2018 school year!!! Wow it's crazy that I am going into my 4th year of teaching and even crazier that I'm moving to a new school! There was a lot of heartache this past year and although I am nervous for this new school (and [...]

Planning our Next Trip!

I have spent the better part of today planning our week-long Thanksgiving Break trip to...Southern California! Just like last year, we are able to combine visiting BOTH sides of our families with this holiday trip - BONUS! Personally, it's not Thanksgiving if it's not spent with family and friends, so that is a non-negotiable when planning [...]

#21. Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut

Art Historical Background This temple space has an aerial view of the temple itself and a statue of Hatshepsut from the interior. Therefore, I am going to break down this discussion into three parts: a historical context on Hatshepsut, the statue, and temple complex. Hatshepsut Hatshepsut lived roughly 1479-1458 B.C.E (sooo like 1500 years before [...]