#26. Athenian agora

I know its been ages since I've done an AP Art History post - sorry, I just seriously felt uninspired when I came upon the Athenian agora. Although I certainly feel it is an extremely important site in the course of history, I don't feel it is necessarily valuable to the ART History curriculum. But [...]


Student Series! Saints & Disease: Pray the Pain Away

A saint, generally, is a holy person, while a patron saint is a holy figure associated with an issue/problem, and you’d pray to G-d through that saint to resolve the issue. Saints and patron saints aren’t worshipped themselves, but their status as close to God allows the saints to be respected and venerated by their followers. [...]

Catholic Culture: Ash Wednesday Trumps Valentines Day

Liturgical year 2018 is gunna be weird! Ash Wednesday is on February 14th and Easter is on April Fools. I sadly had to tell my 7th grade catechists this past week that Ash Wednesday totally trumps Valentines Day. They were in shock and a little upset; no Valentines Day candy!? Nope. Well why can't they [...]

Learning not Converting

I love learning about other religions, like to an intense amount. However, I think a lot of people, especially parents, are afraid of exposing their kids to other world views because they believe that they will leave their "home" religion and become a secular vagabond or something. As a world history teacher, I obviously disagree [...]