Spring Break is HERE

If you're not a teacher, you just cannot understand the absolute excitement that comes when spring break arrives. I truly think it is the most important break we get all year. Kids are cranky and stressed from the "testing season;" teachers and administrators have had it with students, and everyone is just miserable. To top [...]


Student Series! Catholic Priesthood

This post is from a student of mine about the differences between the Catholic priesthood with other Protestant ministers; all the photos are conveniently from my wedding. JMF Catholicism is the most unified division of Christianity; this was the original form of Christianity and has stood the test of time. Now the Catholic Church accepts [...]

Religious Worlds of New York Curriculum Projects

Update! our curriculum development projects are live! CHECK EM OUT! One of the fabulous things about the Religious Worlds of New York NEH Summer Institute is that each participant also had the opportunity to create a lesson plan fit for their teaching curriculum. This meant that not only did I get 3 weeks of incredible [...]