2018 Italy Planning: November Edition

At this point I am down to things I REALLY need to do vs. things that can wait until like the week before. Here is my list of things that are giving me anxiety that they're not done yet: Book rental car from Rome FCO airport (Will's job) Book Copenhagen airport hotel (after writing this 2 [...]

Hospital de la Caridad, Sevilla

This blog post could also be subtitled: when the travel books let you down royally. Or a second option: the only church I have ever been pissed to have paid to go inside. So some back story before my rant on why the Hospital de la Caridad isn't worth the 8 euro price. History The hospital/church [...]

Making Infographics in Humanities

Two weeks ago I took a professional development day to attend an all-day workshop at Full Sail University, a college focusing on digital media and film production. The workshop I attended focused on bringing in digital media projects into the classroom. Now most of the workshop was wayyyy over my head (I can't even use [...]