#18. King Menkaura and queen

Art Historical Background When I first saw this piece in the MFA in Boston I was surprised at how small it was (4'8"). Even though I had read the dimensions before, there's nothing like seeing it in person to feel...a little disappointed. But hey size doesn't matter, right!? The statue of King Menkaura and queen [...]


Student Series! Rummaging through the Pile

While teaching in northern Italy a few years ago I researched the UNESCO Sites around me and Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps was one I did not get to go to. Funny enough one of my Humanities students this past year researched it for their blog project this past year so I can travel vicariously! JMF [...]

Painting Techniques in Art History

There are a million ways to make art, one of the most popular though time has been painting, but even within that category there are a few different options. The ones that appear most often in the AP Art History Curriculum are: fresco, tempera, & oil painting. Fresco Frescos are the preferred method of antiquity, especially [...]

Amsterdam: Day 1

We took a morning train from Brussels to Amsterdam which was a little more than 3 hours; perfect time to catch up on reading, napping, and blogging! Once we arrived in Amsterdam we hopped on a city tram to Hotel Van Gogh (despite the name, it was a hostel). Our hostel was on the opposite side of [...]