11 Reasons I love NEH Summer Institutes

Oh my gosh, sometimes I am so bad at keeping up with this blog because there is SO MUCH going on. For example: this summer I did 2 professional developments and traveled to Spain and now we're back at school - ahhhh - how to blog about all of it simultaneously!?? Well I don't have [...]

UNESCO: Alhambra, Generalife, & Albayzín, Granada

In 1238, Granada became the capital, or seat, of the Islamic caliphate on the Iberian Peninsula after the Christian conquest of Córdoba in 1031. Granada was eventually conquered in 1491 by Isabella and Ferdinand, effectually ending 700 years of Muslim rule on the peninsula. This one UNESCO site in Granada, Spain is really three different [...]

2018-2019 School Year

Today is the first day of the school year for our students...yes I know it's a Friday. I personally loved it when we started on Wednesday: enough time to actually get stuff done but at the same time you could ease into the year. Let's see how many kids show up (UPDATE: school on Friday [...]

Granada AirBnb Review

This place was absolutely fantastic and huge for an European apartment. We had a long galley kitchen complete with a washing machine (yay for laundry!) and we had free parking garage spot during our stay. This AirBnb really took our breath away when we first walked in. Come and take a look! JMF